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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

"My graduate research focused on the cholera epidemic in Haiti, looking for better ways to locate medical clinics during disaster response. This experience, combined with my classes in the IMSE department, prepared me very well for a career in a variety of fields."

-- Brian Moore, 2012 Alum
Logistics Engineer, J.B. Hunt Transport

The industrial and manufacturing systems engineering department is committed to excellence in scholarly research and graduate teaching. Our graduate classes typically enroll 20 or fewer students each. Graduate students are individually known by the IMSE faculty and will work directly with one of our faculty members to conduct their research projects.

The IMSE department offers a rich variety of projects in the areas of operations research, ergonomics, manufacturing processes, production, health systems, uncertainty representation and intelligent reasoning, as well as quality engineering. In addition to basic research, our curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary research, collaboration with industrial partners, and development and modeling of various industrial processes. Take a look at some of our current research.

IMSE Graduate Programs

Learn about our specialized graduate programs here. Download a printable version of our graduate brochure.

Spotlighting Success: Amy Martens, Master of Engineering Management

Spotlighting Success: Lt. Gen. Caslen, Master of Science in Operations Research