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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Featured Stories

  • Rosario deploys IE skills in Air Force missile warning program
    Wherever Natasha Rosario goes, success seems to follow. A 2008 graduate of Kansas State University, Rosario serves as a captain in the United States Air Force. Stationed at Buckley Air Force Base (AFB) in Colorado, she leverages the industrial engineering training she received at K-State to manage military assets worth billions and safeguard our nation.

  • Research team develops 3D printing method for graphene aerogel
    Discovered in 2004, graphene is the first two-dimensional substance ever discovered and is stronger than steel, more pliable than rubber and the best known conductor of electricity. Dong Lin, a professor in the IMSE department, is collaborating with researchers from the University of Buffalo and the Harbin Institute of Technology in China to develop additive manufacturing solutions for macroscale production of graphene.