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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Deandra T. Cassone | Associate Professor

Photo of Deandra CassonePh.D. - 2005, Kansas State University
Industrial Engineering
M.S. - 1985, Kansas State University
Industrial Engineering
B.S. - 1982, Kansas State University
Industrial Engineering

Contact Information
22201 W. Innovation Dr.
Olathe, KS 66061-1304

Professional Experience

Dr. Deandra Cassone is an associate professor of industrial engineering on the K-State Olathe campus. Before coming to K-State, Cassone held management and subject matter expert positions at Sprint and concurrently taught as an adjunct associate professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology in the graduate systems engineering program. Prior to Sprint, she had more than seventeen years of consulting experience with Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and the military. Additionally, she served as a staff industrial engineer at Pepsi Bottling Group and a first-line supervisor at Frito-Lay.
Cassone has leveraged her real-world experience at K-State Olathe by launching an engineering leadership program which focuses on targeted short courses for working engineers and scientists. Additionally, she is engaging with local companies to determine academic and industry support needs.

In her research, Cassone focuses on applied decision science. Her academic background along with her corporate and consulting experience has led to developing innovative, robust decision-making and analytical solutions to solve real-world problems. Techniques used in the development of these solutions include the application of decision science techniques in the area of multiple attribute decision making, multiple objective decision and group decision making. These decision science techniques in concert with statistical analysis, problem modeling and the breadth of industrial engineering techniques has enabled her to develop strategic and analytical models in the areas of ranking and resource allocation, product development, project management, supply chain management and data analytics. Problem modeling along with understanding and navigating the corporate environment has led to the successful implementation of these models and solutions in industry. 

Academic Highlights
Cassone co-authored one book, four eBooks and five articles published by the Financial Times Press/Pearson Education. Additionally, she has co-authored three self-published books geared specifically towards using decision science and analytical techniques to solve real-world problems. Two of her books have been recognized as the Book of the Month in the Industrial and Systems Engineering magazine. Cassone has been awarded twelve patents for her solution development along with the 2011 Sprint Legends Award for innovation leadership, which is given to one employee at Sprint each year. She has also been awarded the 2014 Outstanding Teaching Commendation Award and the 2015 Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award in Global Learning at Missouri University of Science and Technology for teaching excellence in distance education.