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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

We recruit the best and brightest graduate students to join our research teams. Interested students are highly encouraged to contact any member of our faculty or staff to learn about the exciting opportunities that K-State IMSE has to offer. Funded research assistantships available upon successful admittance into the program of your choice. View our research below to see how we are transforming industries today and creating new opportunities to improve tomorrow.


Lei Research Icon  

Shuting Lei
Femtosecond Laser Micro/Nano
Machining of Advanced Materials



Lin Research Icon Zhang Research Icon

Dong Lin, Assistant Professor
Additive Manufacturing Metal Composites
for Ultra Light, Super Strong Components

 Meng Zhang, Assistant Professor
Biomas Particle Size + Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Sugar Yield = Optimal Size



Easton Research Icon Heier Stamm Research Icon

Todd Easton
Improving Solution Times of 
Integer Programs

 Jessica Heier Stamm
Optimizing Decentralized Humanitarian &
Public Health Logistics Systems
Easton Research Icon Wu Research Icon

Stanley Lee
Developing Expert Systems for Industrial Applications 


Chih-Hang (John) Wu
Pretensioned Concrete Crossties for High-Speed Railways



BenArieh Research Icon Chang Research Icon

David Ben-Arieh
Surgery Scheduling at Local ICU 


Shing Chang
Four Phases of Statistical Process Control: 
A Big Data Framework

BenArieh Research Icon Rys Research Icon

Brad Kramer
Advanced Manufacturing Research for the
Development of Innovative Ideas


Malgorzata Rys
UVA's to Improve Cost, Efficiency & Safety