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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Challenging traditional methods, David Ben-Arieh has committed his life's work to improving systems that offer optimized solutions for industry professionals. A Kansas State University professor since 1990, he specializes in decision theory and operations research with a specific focus in health care delivery systems and product development.

A seasoned consultant in  health care engineering, he witnessed first-hand the need for better technology, improved work conditions and access to better resources in traditional health care facilities. Compelled to help, he launched the K-State Operations Research Center in 2008. With support from colleagues and students, Ben-Arieh uses techniques such as data envelopment analysis (DEA) modeling and information systems modeling to research and design improvements for complex work environments.


Recently, Ben-Arieh was recruited to help a local intensive care unit implement a quality control system to improve work flow. His research team is designing a system that will monitor real-time data that is capable of measuring nurse productivity in an effort to detect potential scheduling conflicts. This easily accessible data will help schedulers make wiser decisions when booking appointments, which will significantly minimize the number of canceled surgeries. A system like this will reduce costs and optimize output for the hospital as a whole.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVE - Find a schedule that is consistent with nurse work flow to minimize canceled surgeries.

1. Incorporate data mining and analysis techniques to find patterns and bottlenecks.

2. Use mathematical optimization to build a predictive tool for the hospital to assist with scheduling.

  • Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory to multi-criteria group decision making
  • Analysis of innovation as a process
  • Risk analysis
  • Developing quantitative metrics to unstructured processes
  • Project management employing high technology, high risk and uncertainty