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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering



Everything you will need to know about the application and admissions process can be found on the K-State Admissions website, including tuition, scholarshipfinancial aid, and housing.

Schedule an on campus visit through K-State's Admissions office or by calling 800-532-8270. If you go through admissions, be sure to tell them you want to visit the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering department. Also, check out the College of Engineering's special events for prospective students. 

Degree Requirements

The industrial engineering curriculum is based on a strong background in mathematics and science. The first two academic years are used to build the knowledge and experience base necessary for our students to learn and apply fundamental engineering concepts and principles.

Students must complete 127 hours of a presubscribed curriculum to graduate with their bachelor of science in industrial engineering degree. Of those hours, 27 are engineering or professional electives giving students the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. Additionally, nine hours fulfill the K-State 8 general education program requirement.

Our Baccalaureate Curriculum Guide maps out the required courses and recommended schedule for completion. Additional information about the Industrial Engineering degree can be found on our guide to majors and programs

The IMSE Course Catalog and Descriptions provides information about the department's course offerings and any prerequisites or requirements.
IMSE Course Catalog.