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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Additive manufacturing metal composites for ultra-light, super-strong components

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has revolutionized many aspects of modern society and is used in all types of industry from aircraft and medical, to art design and even food. Printing metal, however, is still a challenge because of high thermal stress, low mechanical behaviors and nonequillibrium microstructures.

Dong Lin's research focus is developing novel layered manufacturing processes. He uses selective laser melting (SLM), plus surface treatment (like laser shock peening or ultrasonic impact treatment) to improve the mechanical behaviors and solve thermal stress issues by manipulating microstructures in metal.

lin support imageRESEARCH OBJECTIVE - Develop novel metal structures for better human society.

1. Experimental studies from sample preparation to 3D printing process.

2. Experiment with different surface treatment methods.

3. Develop simulation models for predicting temperature, residual stress, microstructure and etc. 

4. Comparing modeling and experimental results. 


  • Additive manufacturing of carbon fiber composites (especially continuous carbon fiber composites) for aerospace application.
  • Additive manufacturing of ultra-light aerogel (graphene, carbon nanotube, silica and TiO2 aerogel) for the application of aerospace, medical, thermal insulation, and batteries.
  • 4D printing: controlled motion for medical applications